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Worship Community is a developing church model, but has not yet been implemented. Currently, the process of making Worship Community a reality is on hold.

Andrew P. Kulp is the author of this web site, and is the primary visionary for the Worship Community model. As such, he will be the pastor of Worship Community as it develops and launches.

Andrew recently finished his seminary education through The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary by extention in Auburn, Alabama. Andrew is originally from northeast of Philadelphia, where he became a Christian at a young age. He spent his middle and high-school years in Florida, where his relationship with God began to grow and foundations were laid for the future. Andrew then came to Auburn for college, where he received a degree in architecture and answered a call to vocational Christian ministry mid-stream in his undergraduate program. He has stayed in Auburn as a part of the Seminary Internship Program at Lakeview Baptist Church. As part of the Lakeview program, Andrew spent two weeks working with church planters in Ghana, West Africa, and spent a summer working with a new church in Maryland, north of Washington DC. Andrew graduated in May 2002, with a Master of Divinity from the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Due to some re-evaluation of the church planting process, as well as the level of ministry experience that Andrew has, the process of development for establishing the first Worship Community has been put on hold indefinitely. Andrew's passion to see the church expand throughout the Northeast and around the world has not changed, but the manner in which he will be involved in the process may take a significantly different approach. Perhaps God will simply use him to call-out, to equip, and to send. Perhaps he will be more involved in the future.

Worship Community will be associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, based on Andrew's education and the SBC's strong commitment to world evangelization through the Cooperative Program.

Worship Community Activities Explained


The WC model is an ongoing process and will be under development for several years. Check back often to see the growing vision and detailed plans for how the vision will be carried out.

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