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Session 2: Spiritual Gifts, Part 1

1. Introduction to Spiritual Gifts
      1 Corinthians:
            Do not be ignorant (12:1)
            Received at Salvation (12:13
            Empowerment by the Holy Spirit (12:11a)
            God-determined (not man or self-determined) (12:11b)
            Given for the strengthening of the church (14:26)
      Ministry Focus vs. Spiritual Discipline:
            Many spiritual gifts are also spiritual disciplines
                Examples: evangelism, giving, intercession, hospitality, giving, showing mercy, service
            Lack of giftedness is not an excuse to ignore a discipline
            Giftedness in a discipline is a mark for ministry: those gifted in a discipline ought to be active in training others in that discipline
                Examples: evangelists should train people in evangelism, intercessors should teach people about effective praying
      Classifications of spiritual gifts:
                (Used for teaching purposes only, not to be considered for importance or rank)
            Communication gifts
            Leadership Gifts
            Sign gifts
            Practical gifts

2. Communication Gifts
            Focusses on practical application of the message given. Characterized by the sentence, "Here is what you can do with the message."
            Focusses on delivering the message itself, often with little regard for the listener's understanding or application. Characterized in extreme form by the sentence, "Here is the Word of the Lord, take it of leave it."
            Focusses on making sure the message is fully understood by the listener--often detail conscious. Characterized by the sentence, "Now, I want you to make sure you understand this message and all it entails."

3. Leadership Gifts
            The person who catches the vision of the leader and works out the details and delegates tasks to get the goals accomplished.
            In Scripture, the same as the missionary gift, but is separated for clarification. This gift focusses on the expansion of the local church.
            This person is the one who is the visionary and sets the direction for the group. People naturally seem to follow his/her leading. Leaders are generally not worried about details.
            In Scripture, the same as the apostle gift, but is separated for clarification. This gift focusses on the expansion of the church in a cross-cultural setting.
            Often called "pastor," but is actually a weakness in the office of pastor, as it limits the size of a church. A shepherd invests in a small group of people over a long period of time and feels responsible for every aspect of the individual group-members' lives. Greatly needed in care-group leaders within Sunday School departments.

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