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Emily M. Kulp
Biographical Information

For current updates, see Emily's blog at: emmyk.wordpress.com

The Basics:

I am currently a stay-at-home mom and recently moved to the Baltimore area with Andrew to help plant a church. Prior to being a mommy, I was working part-time at Godwin-Jones Inc, with my husband, Andrew. I was working as an CAD Draftsperson as well as a receptionist when needed. I am a truly blessed with the opportunity to primarly serve as homemaker for our current family and be involved in ministry. Most recently, I served at Journey Church, Auburn, Alabama, as one of the Children's Directors.

More Detail:

I am originally from just outside of Austin, Texas. I graduated in 2003 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. While my dream was to pursue a career with Severe Weather, the Lord had other plans. I moved to Auburn, AL in 2004 after taking a job as an operational meteorologist for a local company. After working there for a year, I decided to resign my position after my husband and I were married. The schedule I was working had me on shift every weekend and holidays. After much prayer and discussion with Andrew, I felt the Lord leading me in another direction. I deeply desired to place the Lord first in our marriage, and felt I could not properly achieve that if I was missing worship with Andrew every other week. The Lord has truly blessed that decision and has allowed me to grow in my relationship with Him, as well as with Andrew, and the two of us have also grown together in ministry. What a wonderful and amazing blessing to be serving together in our new church home!

I was born on March 21, 1981, in Houston, TX. I have a younger sister who is currently attending Trinity in San Antonio, TX. I grew up with my sister and my mother near Austin, TX and attended a small Christian school in the city, Hyde Park Baptist. At 12 years old, my family experienced a sudden tragedy, the death of my father. Although that time in my life was truly discouraging, the Lord taught me so much about Himself and has given me a sense of peace knowing that one day I will see my earthly father again. However, in the mean time, the Lord is not only my Heavenly Father, but has also stepped in as my earthly Father as well, teaching me, growing me and shaping me beyond what I thought possible.

I also play piano, taking lessons for close to 10 years, and continuing to play. Music is a way for me to express the love I have for my Lord and Savior as well as a way for me to be one on one with Him! Music is a wonderful gift from the Lord I am truly blessed to be able to use by creating and writing original music. I am also blessed that my husband and I share this passion and can worship the Lord together, not only at our church home, but in our home as well!

As Andrew and I continue to grow together in life, in love, and in ministry, we are continually seeking the Lord's will for our lives. We feel confident that we are where He has us for now, but both have a strong sense that it will change somewhere down the road. We are looking forward to building a family and serving in ministry together, no matter WHERE the Lord has us!


Spiritual Journey:


I was fortunate enough to be blessed with wonderful Christian parents, who from the beginning, taught me the Love of Christ and the meaning of his sacrifice for us. My father was a deacon of a small church in Austin and it was exciting for me to see how the Lord used him in ministry there. Seeing my parents both involved truly taught me the importance of loving one another and seeking to serve others with a giving and cheerful heart. I was also blessed to have a wonderful and godly grandmother who taught me so many things throughout the years and from whom I am still learning much wisdom. Even with my Father's death, my family has continued to nuture my relationship with the Lord and has encouraged me in my areas of ministry.

I can remember the exact moment that the Lord came and took over my life. I was 8 years old at our churches Vacation Bible School. I cannot recall what the teacher was discussing at the time, but I remember hearing a small whisper in my ear and a hand on my shoulder. The Lord spoke to me that morning, asking me to allow him into my heart and into my life. I accepted and was truly excited! My parents and pastor talked with me, counseled me, and helped me to understand the decision I had made. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I was and still am a sinner, in constant need of grace and forgiveness. What the Lord did for me upon the cross still amazes me each and every day! I was baptized a couple of weeks later, but unfortunately, no one could see me due to me lack of height the Lord so graciously bestowed upon me! (But it is a blessing now, because I am just the right height for my wonderful and amazing husband!) Well, the Lord does tell us in 1 Samuel not to consider his stature or his height, so I am content being 5 feet and 1/2 inches tall!

Although I became a Christian at a young age, I still had many trials I had to overcome as I grew. This is true for any Christian and will be for our entire lives until we leave this earth for our TRUE home. During college, the Lord rescused me from an abusive relationship, but has truly used the circumstance in my life for His glory. The Lord is continuing to work through me to reach out to other young women in similar situations, offering them hope, love and strengh through Christ Jesus.

I now realize that the Lord used ALL of those situations in my life to bring me to Auburn, to introduce me to the man he chose to be my husband, to serve at Journey Church. . .the list could just keep going. The Lord had all of this planned for me before I was even born and is continuing to fulfill His plan for my life! Wow, isn't that an amazing thought? The Lord uses ALL circumstances and experiences, good and bad, in our lives to shape us and mold us into the beautiful tapestry He has designed us to be. Through Christ, in all things, we can have peace and hope, because we KNOW the end result! The Lord promises His plans for us are for good. We can rejoice knowing that He WILL fullfill those plans in our lives. This fact, friends, not only gives me joy in times of blessing, but strength and comfort in times of trial.

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