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Copyright Information
Using BuildingChurch.net materials

BuildingChurch.net was begun as a way for the members of Lakeview Baptist Church to access the materials related to APK's ministry within that church. Additionally, the vision for a healthy and vibrant church around the world calls for the ease of information transfer, even behing closed doors. The internet is an excellent avenue for such transfer. BuildingChurch Ministries chooses to release information free-of-charge to maximize availability around the world. However, costs are incurred, and users are invited to take part in the blessing of keeping BuildingChurch.net on the web.

Unless noted, all scripture quoted on BuildingChurch.net is from the The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers.

Copyright/Reproduction Limitations

All data/files/articles contained on this site are property of BuildingChurch Ministries. It may not be altered or edited in any way. It may be reproduced only in its entirety for circulation as "freeware," without charge. All reproductions of BuildingChurch.net material must contain the copyright notice (i.e. Copyright ©2003 BuildingChurch Ministries or Copyright ©2001 Andrew P Kulp), the URL of information being reproduced, and this Copyright/Reproduction Limitations notice.

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