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These pages contain links to just a few of the ministries that have impacted me or are related to BuildingChurch.net viewers' areas of interest. The list continues to grow, so check back again sometime.


      The Lawless Group has replaced the former Rainer Group, founded by Dr. Thom S. Rainer. The Lawless Group is building a national and international reputation as one of the world's premier church consultation firms. The purpose of The Lawless Group is to provide quality, Spirit-led consultation to churches and religious organizations. We provide the "eyes" of an objective outsider to discern opportunities, challenges, and key issues. We offer consultations at different levels.

Church Doctor A ministry of the Church Growth Center
      The Church Doctor is a church-health consultant web-site. The purpose of the Church Growth Center is to participate in the transformational change of Christians and churches for the effective implementation of the Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples (Matthew 28: 19-20).

      Church Planting Resources On-Line. This site is a collection of the work and commitment of many church planters who not only have a heart to reach the people in their towns and cities, but also a commitment to share what they have learned and experienced with the church planters who will come after them.

SBC logo The Southern Baptist Convention
      This link will take you to the main home page of the Southern Baptist Convention, with links to several of the SBC entities.

International Mission Board
      Direct Link to the IMB's Web Site. The IMB is currently the largest missionary-sending agency in the world. The Internation Mission Board's main objective is presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to lead individuals to saving faith in Him and result in church-planting movements among all the peoples of the world.

NAMB logo North American Mission Board
      Direct Link to the NAMB website. The North American Mission Board exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, start New Testament congregations, minister to persons in the name of Christ, and assist churches in the United States and Canada in effectively performing these functions.

10/40 logo What is the 10/40 Window?
      "The 10/40 Window" is a popular term in international missions. This page gives a good description of what the term means.

SBTS logo The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
      Thanks to the visionary leadership of Dr. Al Jackson and the professors at SBTS, this is the seminary that the Lakeview interns attend by extension. Much of the materials on BuildingChurch.net are a direct result of the author's education at the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth at SBTS.


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