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Rev Andrew P Kulp, AIA, NCARB
Biographical Information

For current updates, see Andrew's blog at: apk4jc.wordpress.com

The Basics:

I am currently an Architect at Marshall Craft Associates as we plan to help with a church in Towson, Maryland. I am a registered architect in Alabama and Maryland. Previously, I worked as an architectural Project Manager in Montgomery, Alabama. Additionally, I was a volunteer staff person, Spiritual Growth Pastor, for Journey Church, Auburn, Alabama.

More Detail:

I am a 1999 graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, and a 2002 graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth. My primary heart in ministry is to help individuals develop in their Christian walk and to become fruit-bearing disciples of the Lord Jesus by fulfilling their individual calling in the Body of Christ. My ministries at Valley Baptist Church and this web site are the primary avenues in which I am currently fulfilling this heart, but I am also available to speak to Christian groups about any area of my ministry, and welcome such opportunities. By suggestion from several colleagues, I am considering writing a book bridging the gap between spiritual gifts and spiritual disciplines.

I was born on December 1, 1975, in Bucks County, PA. I am the youngest of three children--I have a sister, Sue, and brother, Dan. We lived in Plumsteadville, PA, until 1983. From there, our family moved to Holland, PA. We lived in Pennsylvania until the summer of 1988, when we moved to Deltona, FL. I graduated from Deltona High School in 1994, and from Auburn University (Auburn, AL) with a BS in Architecture in June, 1999. I began seminary in September, 1999, through an extension program of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. I graduated from seminary in May 2002. I married the former Emily Michelle Wheeless of Austin, Texas on July 16, 2005. We had our first child, Katie, in 2008, and are expecting another girl in late 2010. We moved to Towson, Maryland in 2009.

I've played piano since I was five years old. I also began to play percussion when I was in fourth grade. I crave spontaneity. I love a good road trip. Nothing beats spending time talking and getting to know people. I love to know about people's spiritual journeys. I love to pray with and for people. Nothing is more powerful than a Christian that prays!

I am now seeking God's will for the next chapter of my life. When Jesus was asked the question, "What is the greatest commandment?" his answer was clear: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' And the second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself'" (Mark 12:28-31) What better model to use for the church? We were created to love and worship God. This world is starving for meaningful relationships. I desire to build churches with a passion for worship and a commitment to building community and relationships.

As I seek to build my relationship with God and with my wife, we are currently praying about returning to a full-time vocational ministry position or planting a church. In the mean-time, I am available for pulpit supply and for seminars related to any material on the BuildingChurch.net web site. My resume is available. Please use the BuildingChurch.net contact form for more information.


Spiritual Journey:


I owe almost every aspect of my life to my mother, for it was she who brought me to church Sunday after Sunday and prayed for me year after year. From the day I was born, she had God's plan in mind. My name, Andrew Philip comes from John 1:35-51, where both Andrew and Philip brought people to Jesus. My mother would be the one I would run to for advice whenever the world rejected me. It was my mother who pushed me into music. It was my mother who helped me find the rural city of Auburn to come to college.

I believe that all people are sinners by nature from the moment they are born as demonstrated by the selfishness of their actions. I also believe that people become accountable for their sin at the first moment they are able to discern moral behavior.

I'm not really sure if I accepted the message of the Bible at the exact moment I was able to discern moral behavior, but it was not long after. Even now, I distinctly remember sitting in the Green Room at Hilltown Baptist Church in the 4-year-old Children's Church class. I remember walking up the left-hand aisle to talk to my best friend's mother, who was the teacher. At that moment in my life, I recognized that I am a sinner, and Jesus is the only answer for that sin. This was the one event in my life that has shaped who I am more than any other. This decision kept me out of countless trouble growing up, and continues to direct my path today.

It wasn't until I moved to Florida at the beginning of the seventh grade that I realized that this decision was more than forgiveness of sin, but that Jesus desires to lead and direct my life. In Florida, I became a part of an active youth group that was able to more fully teach me the truths about Christ. It was during my high school years that I first had a sense that God wanted to use me to build his church. Because of this, I pursued a degree in architecture.

I firmly believe that God used my interests in music, computers, and architecture to bring me to where he wanted me to be--Auburn, Alabama. Upon getting me here, God took my five years as an undergrad to reshape me and change my desires and interests to match His will for me. I graduated with a degree in architecture, which is now my vocation, but I am constantly reminded of an excerpt from my journal in January, 1997, while a third-year architecture student:

The Lord has called me to build His church.

In my ignorance, I followed by seeking a degree in architecture.

But the church is not the building.
It is the people, the bride of Christ,
those who have responded to the call of God
and have begun a love relationship with him through His initiative.

I have been called to build Christ's church.

Steer me and lead me to the center of your will
that I would be used by you to build your church, Oh Lord.

I consider this my call to ministry. My number one desire is worship. I desire to help others worship God through coming to know Him and growing up in a relationship with Him. I believe worship is more than a Sunday event--it is living a life in service to God. I desire to work with pastors and lay-people to help them discover their place in ministry and to bring health and vitality to their churches and ministries. Extending from my desires to see people everywhere worshiping God and to see people serve God according to His calling and their gifts, I have a heart for world evangelization. I will do anything to help people fulfill their call to be a missionary.

I am a graduate of The Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I studied by extension in Auburn, Alabama, while serving as a pastoral intern at Lakeview Baptist Church. This is a unique program where I gained experience in every area of ministry in the church as I rotated under each of the staff ministers. I also particpated in an overseas project in Ghana, West Africa, and a North American Mission Board project in Maryland. It's a busy three years, but a unique and unmatched opportunity.

My time on staff at Lakeview came to a close in 2002, I continued to be an active member of the church until the fall of 2006, when I left to help plant a new church, Journey Church. Please read throught the recent editions of APK's Attic for more information about what God is doing.

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