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APK's Doctrinal Statement
What I believe

Someday, I will take the time to develop a complete, concise statement of faith. When I do, it will be placed on this page.

For now, of the statements I've reviewed, the Sovereign Grace Ministries' Statement of Faith is the closest concise statement to my doctrinal beliefs. Sovereign Grace Ministries describes itself as "essentially Reformed with a significant charismatic dimension." For myself, I theologically agree with their stance, but the charismatic dimension is much less significant in practice.

I fully affirm the The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000, which is the current statement of faith for Southern Baptists.

I also have completed an overall doctrinal exposition stating my positions in response to the Christian and Missionary Alliance doctrinal statement. For a complete text of this response, click here.

My "pet peave" doctrine is ecclesiology: the doctrine of the church. I believe this is perhaps the least-developed doctrine throughout church history, and I believe that it is the leading doctrine under discussion today. I have studied this doctrine extensively, and most of my findings are compiled within the Worship Community church-planting vision contained elsewhere on this site.

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